Why HVAC Membership Plans are Worthwhile

Your HVAC system’s wellness is critical, since it keeps your residence comfy and its air healthy. But that doesn’t happen automatically. Your HVAC system works hard all year to keep you cozy. This makes it vulnerable to a large range of troubles.

Sometimes problems are small enough that they won’t prevent your furnace or air conditioner from working. But they can influence its energy efficiency—and your energy expenses. If these issues worsen, your entire system could be at risk.

That’s hassle and bills that you might have been able to avoid. The Indoor Air Quality Association says preventive HVAC maintenance can lower the possibility of breakdowns by up to 95%.

Why HVAC Maintenance is Necessary

If your furnace or air conditioner was recently installed or working properly, you may ask whether maintenance is necessary. It is, and here are several reasons why.

  1. Keeps your warranty ongoing. A warranty protects you when your HVAC system requires repairs. But neglecting annual furnace maintenance and air conditioning maintenance means, most often, you’re voiding your warranty. Spending a small sum on maintenance immediately can help you avoid expensive repairs that your warranty would otherwise cover.
  2. Pinpoints small issues early. Blocking large problems from happening beforehand is the smartest approach to protect your HVAC system. Annual maintenance work provides the opportunity to meticulously examine and lubricate important internal pieces. And it also offers time to get necessary repairs done before the peak heating or cooling season starts. You’ll conserve more money over the years if problems are resolved as they are discovered.
  3. May enhance energy efficiency. Regular maintenance is about more than avoiding malfunctions. It’s also to keep your system operating as ideally as possible. Frequently this results in an increase to your home’s energy efficiency. You may experience lower heating and cooling expenses, in addition to the peace of mind your system is in tip-top shape.
  4. May help your system work longer. When your HVAC system is running smoothly, it could last a lot longer. The majority of furnaces and air conditioners work approximately 15–20 years, but skilled maintenance might help extend this life expectancy even more.

Get More Out of Your HVAC Membership Plan with Midland Air Service Experts

Yearly maintenance is important, especially as it can help you save as much as 30% on yearly energy expenses.* But with Midland Air Service Experts, you’ll be able to select from a range of membership plans that work with your specific needs. All our memberships are full of unique perks supplied by NATE-certified Experts.

From all-inclusive to economical, we have the ideal membership plan to keep your home comfort systems without worry and efficient.

If you need to get new HVAC equipment shortly or just are looking for something more energy efficient, there’s the Service Experts Advantage Program ™. You’ll receive a new system for just one small monthly payment, with maintenance and repairs included. No down payment or big up-front fee is needed.

Don’t want to be on the hook for surprise repair expenses? With 100% parts and labor coverage,* our Armor+™ Program provides the broadest protection for your home comfort system.

Both these plans also include air filters, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to buy them and replacing them.

At only $5 per month, our Priority+™ Program is created to work with any budget. You’ll have priority service, even during our busiest times. You won’t have to worry about spending additional money if you require us on a night, weekend or holiday. Overtime and trip charges are covered, saving you an average of $99 per visit. Also, you’ll also receive a couple of other most-wanted perks of our full-featured plans, including 15% discounts on repairs and air quality products.

Here are just a few of our members’ other favorite perks:

  • Priority service. Your furnace or air conditioner usually breaks down during the most extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, this is when everyone else’s systems malfunction too, so we’re often working through a sizeable volume of service calls. With a Midland Air Service Experts membership plan, you’ll be able to skip the line with 24/7/365 guaranteed priority service. And you’ll never pay any trip or overtime fees. Ever.
  • Discounts on products and repairs. Your home’s indoor air quality is crucial more than ever. That’s why we’re providing 15% off air quality products like whole-home air filtration systems and UV germicidal lights. Designed with your budget in mind, our Maintenance+™ and Priority+™ plans include 15% off repairs.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our work comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.* If something isn’t correct, you can trust us to keep going until it is.
  • Comprehensive visual check on all visits. Your home comfort is our number one priority. That’s why your visit includes a 29-point visual check and Home Health™ Report Card.

Your heating and cooling system is an expensive investment. Keep it protected and enjoy extra benefits by getting one of our membership plans immediately. No matter what your budget is, our pros can help you choose the matching plan for your needs and home. To get started with your membership plan, get in touch with us at 803-399-7208 now.

*For HVAC Service Memberships, certain warranty exclusions and limitations apply. See your signed agreement for full terms and conditions. For the Advantage Program™, please see your signed Advantage Program Agreement for full details and exclusions. Lease with approved credit; visit ServiceExperts.com for details.

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