Adil Karamally Receives Joe Groh Foundation Grant

July 09, 2016

The Joseph Groh Foundation is an incredible organization that offers financial support to those in the construction field who are living with life-altering injuries. Each year the organization honors numerous recipients with a grant and in 2016 the Joseph Groh Foundation was happy to present Adil Karamally as a recipient.

Adil, born in Pakistan, obtained his MBA from the University of Chicago and in 2003 bought ProStar Mechanical Services of Anaheim, CA and obtained his HVAC and general contracting license. Ten years later, Adil suffered a severe stroke at only 48 years old. He lost the use of his left arm and the experience left his left leg greatly impaired, causing foot drop. Due to the fact he had to use a heavy brace to walk, his muscles began to deteriorate and his doctors feared that he would most likely become restricted to a wheelchair.

No longer able to work, Adil’s wife, Laila, was their lone source of income, resulting in financial strain on the couple with a young child in elementary and three more children in college. They became optimistic when Adil was introduced to the WalkAid System, an apparatus that incorporates functional electrical stimulation to help people with foot drop walk again. However, Adil and Laila soon learned that they could not afford the apparatus in addition to the comprehensive rehab that Adil would need so he could learn how to use it.

Luckily, an employee at WalkAid directed the couple to the Joseph Groh Foundation and, because of the generous grant, Adil got the WalkAid System and has seen great success. His muscle is no longer indicating atrophy and is actually starting to regenerate, bringing positive thoughts back to Adil and Laila.

Service Experts LLC is an official sponsor of the Foundation and long-term friend of Joe’s. To learn more about the Joseph Groh Foundation or to give, go to their website.

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