How Often Should You Do AC Maintenance?

The weather is getting a little warm outside, and your air conditioner is trying harder than ever to keep your home feeling cool. You could be thinking, how often should you do AC maintenance in Columbia? If you didn’t this spring, it still isn’t too late to get the benefits from this important regular service! Here are some explanations on why your system should have air conditioning maintenance each year.

A pre-booked meeting is simpler than an emergency repair.

Annual maintenance is a normal charge you can know is coming and brace for. It also provides your HVAC technician an opportunity to identify problems now and complete lesser air conditioning repairs before they cause considerable costs down the road. You don’t want your air conditioning to malfunction in the worst days of summertime (a neglected air conditioner most often fail when it’s overworking the hardest, on the hottest day). Seasonal work on your air conditioner will make it less likely to die and demand any other service this year, saving your wallet and offering you peace of mind all summer.

Your energy bills will get cheaper.

A well-cared-for system functions easily and efficiently. This means your AC exhausts less energy, produces a reduced number of pollutants, and lowers your electricity charges. This by itself is often enough for the cost of annual maintenance to pay for itself, making it a wise annual investment.

Your AC will have a longer life.

As if the money you saved from rare failures and less expensive power costs weren’t reason enough, annual cooling system maintenance also helps your home comfort system stick around longer. You can find a a couple of extra years out of a well-preserved AC unit compared to an unmaintained one. This information could save you a chunk of change down the road, just by scheduling annual service.

Your space will feel cooler.

Nearly every one of the activities completed during seasonal appointments help the air conditioner cool your space more efficiently. Look forward to improved airflow, reduced hot and cold spots, improved humidity elimination and even quieter operation. These enhancements ensure your family stays cool even when the temp increases outdoors.

Your warranty needs routine maintenance.

If your home comfort system is still within warranty, read through your policy. You will most likely see that replacement elements are only covered if you can demonstrate that you take care of the system regularly. This is because the companies who make the systems know that AC service visits can help ward off problems. Be sure to make a log of your seasonal visits as evidence if you should need to file a claim.

Many reliable organizations recommend seasonal maintenance.

Do you trust the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Energy and ENERGY STAR® not to lead you astray? If so, remember that these dependable organizations all believe that annual AC maintenance is crucial for preventing the need for last-minute fixes, improving energy efficiency, and prolonging the life span of your system.

Midland Air Service Experts delivers outstanding AC services to homeowners all over the United States and Canada. Pick us to maintain your air conditioning and you’ll have the advantage of a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee* for the next year. We also provide annual membership plans to modernize your maintenance needs and make your home comfort truly worry-free. To discover more, or to set up a “no entry” seasonal maintenance call, please contact us at 803-399-7208 now.

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