Daniel Parker Receives Grant from Joseph Groh Foundation

February 20, 2017

The Joseph Groh Foundation is an amazing organization that gives financial support to those in the construction field who have had life-altering injuries. Once a year, the organization honors several recipients with a grant and this year the Joseph Groh Foundation was honored to announce Daniel Parker as a recipient.

Daniel has spent 45 years in the construction industry and worked as a finish carpenter managing crews in Tigard, Oregon for the last 28 years. As a hiking enthusiast, Daniel adored hiking in the Oregon wilderness, and in June 2016, while hiking back down “The Tooth,” a 5600+ foot peak in the Snoqualmie Pass area near Seattle, the ground at the trail’s edge gave way and he fell 70 feet down a boulder field.

The fall was catastrophic, leading to a spinal cord injury, a concussion, hemorrhagic brain lacerations, and a fractured left arm. Following rehab, Daniel was able to move his arms, but could not use his fingers. While insurance gave him with a power wheelchair, Daniel wanted to keep his upper body strength and cardiac health and wished for an ultralight, collapsible manual wheelchair.

Because Daniel needs constant in-home care and had to invest in a home equipped with a patient lift and wheelchair entry, he was unable to bear the expense for the wheelchair he desired. Until he discovered the Joseph Groh Foundation! Below is the note his daughter, Linden, sent in to the Joseph Groh Foundation:

“Thank you so much, Joe! Dan has used the wheelchair for a number of outings including a friend’s birthday, a canoe club New Year celebration, and for running errands. Attached is a picture of Dan making his first trip to the credit union in his new chair. The exact same errand (getting a form notarized) took two days to schedule and was a big hassle with a lift equipped taxi that could fit his power wheelchair. It was an easy 40 minute round trip in his own car thanks to having the manual chair! The increased independence is so amazing – thank you for your organization’s financial support in helping to make this happen!”

Service Experts is an official sponsor of the organization and long-term friend of Joe’s. To discover more about the Joseph Groh Foundation or to donate, see their website.

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