One Smart Way to Avoid Costly, Surprise HVAC Repairs

Forget About HVAC Maintenance or Repairs, and Never Even Change an Air Filter Again!

The summer season is here. That’s great news for many of us, as we give the winter clothes a rest, hit the beach or mountains, and focus on fun and play. One thing we may forget, however, is that when we’re in our homes, hot weather demands more from our HVAC systems.

During extreme temperatures, an HVAC system failure can be more than an expensive inconvenience. It may even involve potential health risks for children and seniors susceptible to heat exhaustion. Here’s a simple way to avoid these concerns and costs, and confidently move forward through your year knowing your HVAC system can handle whatever the weatherman sends its way.

Making a Commitment to Maintenance

It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The same can be said for your HVAC system. Making sure your system operates correctly requires spring and autumn inspections and addressing potential problems early instead of waiting until major ones arise.

Homeowners often feel reassured if they purchase a home warranty plan, potentially shielding them from an expensive repair. But many plans may also include fine print about system maintenance requirements, leaving the door open to potentially denying your claim. If they do cover a repair, you may also end up working with an HVAC technician who is not familiar with your system and has not done regular inspections on it.

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“Improper maintenance is something that can really trip up a warranty claim at a time when you could be facing discomfort and even distress in your home,” explained Burton Malcom, an HVAC expert for Midland Air Service Experts. “If a claim is denied and your furnace or air conditioner requires replacement, that could be an unexpected $5,000 to $10,000 repair.”

How a Home Maintenance Program Can Help

Malcom recommends an HVAC home maintenance program to take the worry of maintenance and repair off the homeowner. Midland Air Service Experts offers the Advantage Program, which the company describes as a “worry-free comfort and energy savings” offering. It’s an easy way to upgrade your furnace or air conditioner, immediately. With it, in exchange for a monthly fee that’s about the price of a typical cell phone bill, you can avoid taking on the responsibility of maintenance and repairs down the road.

With Advantage, Midland Air Service Experts’ ACE-certified technicians install a new, high-efficiency system in your home with no money out of pocket. You also get to take advantage of all the manufacturer rebates that may apply to the system. Midland Air Service Experts then covers all the system’s regular inspections and maintenance throughout the year, as well as 100% of parts and labor for repairs that may come up. Here's an example of some common repairs and maintenance that costs nothing under the plan:

  • Standard blower motor: $650 
  • Ducal capacitor: $273
  • Outdoor fan motor: $738
  • Condensate pan and drain line cleaning: $121
  • Trip charges: $99

In addition, every technician visit includes Midland Air Service Experts’ “Home Health Report Card,” where the HVAC pro discusses any heating or cooling risks they observe in your home with you. As part of the maintenance plan, the company supplies and installs the system’s air filters.

“Many find that with a well-maintained, high-efficiency system, they see energy savings of as much as 30%,” Malcom said.

Avoid Wait-Lists as a Priority Customer

With the Advantage Program, you also receive 24/7 priority and work with ACE-certified technicians who are familiar with your system. Even on the hottest and busiest summer days or if you’re in the depths of a winter cold snap, as an Advantage member you are prioritized and never wait-listed, and you’ll never experience extra charges for overtime.

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“That’s a big advantage to our program,” Malcom added, “because we have such tremendous reach as a company that serves all of North America, so it’s easy for us to find a certified technician near you and serve you without added costs, delays or even disrupting service to others.”

Midland Air Service Experts offers other comprehensive service memberships that work for any budget, such as the Priority+ membership, which is free to join, and the Maintenance+ membership, which starts at $10 a month. Visit the Midland Air Service Experts membership page for a complete overview of benefits and services included in each program.

With approved credit, Midland Air Service Experts certified technicians can have your HVAC system ready for seasonal fun. Inquire about the Advantage Program today.

Source: GET Creative, a division of USA TODAY

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