Midland Air Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning Reviews

Average Customer Rating
4.8/5 stars based on 257,162 Reviews
barbara W.
birmingham, alabama
"On time issue free visit!"
erin E.
mishawaka, indiana
"The work was complete, quick, and informative."
cantrence B.
byram, mississippi
"The technicians arrived in a timely manner. He was familiar with my house and my needs."
john W.
dallas, texas
john R.
mishawaka, indiana
"explained everything he did"
jerald J.
round rock, texas
"Everyone very friendly and personable"
bob N.
alpharetta, georgia
barbara B.
niwot, colorado
"He was on time, called ahead to tell me he was in his way, very courteous and answered all my questions"
eddie B.
jackson, mississippi
"Jacob is always polite, friendly, knowledgeable, professional and on time. Jacob is very thorough and informative. He is my favorite tech."
dean L.
ballston spa, new york
"Steve was excellent. Polite, knowledgable"
val D.
ballston spa, new york
"Doug is always pleasant and does quality work"
henry W.
winnipeg, manitoba
marshall P.
hoschton, georgia
"Tommy always does a thorough job."
james P.
antioch, tennessee
robert A.
wilton, new york
"Doug was punctual, very friendly and provided exceptional service."
anna L.
calgary, alberta
"The technician was very professional and knowledgeable"
fred B.
duanesburg, new york
"Knowledgeable and professional technician"
attila S.
brandon, mississippi
beverly M.
st albert, alberta
"Ian is the most professional, talented technician and wonderful technician that has ever serviced my furnace and air conditioner over the past many years. Rob's Albertan should be very thankful that such an employee with Ian's professional ability and personality is on staff with them. To be truthfulit is only because of the incredible service that I have received in my home from Ian that I continue to have Rob's Albertan service my home. I know that I would not be able to find any one as responsible and competant with his skills to trust working in my home like I have grown accustomed to. Ian explains absolutely everything to me as his customerso that I am well informed in what the problem ishow things should work and how he is going to fix it. Ian has integrity and is honest and thorough in his evaluation to resolve the problem that may be occurring. Thank you for having such an employee like Ian on staff to take care of customers like myself. My comments to management would be to take VERY good care of great employees like Ianas this is "the company"and Rob's Albertan is only as good as these amazing technicians that work long hours in all sorts of climates to keep our homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Without wonderful staff like IanI personally would take my business elsewhere. As long as Ian is a part of Rob's AlbertanI will continue to direct my business to the company. Thank you!!! Sincerely, Bev McLeod"
jim D.
ft wayne, indiana
"Very professional"
mary J.
cedar park, texas
"Technician took the time to explain every finding clearly and answered all of my questions."
sharon S.
kitchener, ontario
"Friendly efficient service."
carolyn K.
dallas, texas
"Nice competent guys. Jay had a helper."
barbara H.
antioch, california
"He was very efficient and helpful. Did the inspection in a timely manner."
laurell S.
calgary, alberta
"Great service"
tamara M.
walnut creek, california
joanne D.
georgetown, texas
"Jason was efficient and courteous, and fully explained his findings."
mrs thomas T.
shreveport, louisiana
carolyn W.
yellow springs, ohio
craig C.
ballston spa, new york
"Greg was very helpful. He seemed genuinely committed to ensuring everything went smoothly."
tom B.
saratoga springs, new york
"On time (early in the window) and seemed to do a good job. No complaints."
robert G.
fort wayne, indiana
"Both guys were great and respectful"
donald K.
schenectady, new york
"Tech is always friendly and customer service is great"
david R.
blue springs, missouri
"Prompt service and a friendly, professional technician."
kay R.
nashville, tennessee
"Technician answered all my questions, was courteous, and professional."
lynn S.
cincinnati, ohio
ms bryant B.
durham, north carolina
"Knowledgeable. Answered all homeowner's questions regarding repairs that may need attention in near future. Very polite."
mr rodgers R.
elkhart, indiana
cathy S.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Was very informant on the condition of my furnace"
keith K.
austin, texas
durrell J.
arlington, texas
mrs mullinix M.
fort lauderdale, florida
"The technicians came, changed the water heater, were very friendly and even cleaned after they finished"
eileen B.
potomac, maryland
"Showed and explained what he was doing and why."
will S.
atlanta, georgia
"The technician that provided my heating service was exceptional given it was his 1st visit to my home under my annual maintenance program. As you know, I have been with Service Experts for many years. Tari O. Is an exceptional employee for all the obvious reasons!!"
wanda I.
upper marlboro, maryland
"Because Paul was very professional and knowledgeable. He was very nice."
versity B.
clinton, maryland
"Sean arrived on time and worked efficiently while here on the unit."
gabrielle S.
charleston, south carolina
"He did a great job. Friendly, prof, timely and complete."
ben I.
overland park, kansas
carol H.
east rochester, new hampshire
"Mike, found this issue right away. He treated me with full respect. What a great tech he is."
stephen H.
carmel, indiana
"Technician was very good at keeping us updated. Very personable."
johnathon D.
madison, mississippi
"Courteous and employees worked well together during installation"
robert M.
jacksonville, florida
"Techs were courteous, clean, and efficient. The installation looked professional and they took steps to clean up after the job was done. I appreciate them and the Sales Rep (Vianska, M) who sold and assisted us with selecting our system."
ben E.
fort wayne, indiana
"I have been very happy with the service until this service call. The technician, Jeffery, was here more than 4 hours to fix a short. He told us multiple times that the rate was going to be $120 per half hour. I did not believe him and checked website and called Rolf Griffin. Both website and person I talked to at Rolf Griffin said there is only flat rates and the $120 per half hour is not right. After manager talked to technician, he still tried to charge me for 2 quantities of Man power non-technical because of being at our house so long. I told him that does not seem right with website and what people at Rolf Griffin told me. He changed the bill back to quantity 1 for that category. I am not certain if that was even right for correcting one shorted out wire between thermostat and furnace. I was eventually charged $204 for service call. In summary, Jeffery either 1) did not know what he was doing for billing or 2) was trying to make us pay more than we should have been charged. I want to request that Jeffery never comes back to my house, as I do not trust him."
jeff J.
westminster, colorado
macletus S.
antioch, tennessee
joe V.
atlanta, georgia
"He was very through and kept me informed as to what he was doing."
karen R.
mt pleasant, south carolina
"Both Brad and James were very personable. Brad was very experienced and James was in training but both seemed confident in their skills to provide the services needed. Both shared good information and were able to answer my questions."
joel T.
birmingham, alabama
"Professional, thorough, polite service"
keith S.
schenectady, new york
dorothy C.
durham, new hampshire
"Arrival on time; comfortable to have in home and very knowledgeable about products and services. Explained things clearly - and repeatedly!"
oshea G.
austin, texas
don S.
calgary, alberta
"Prompt and polite service."
catherine M.
trenton, ontario
"This is an ongoing problem that none of your experts can seem to resolve with our fireplace. The last part that I was told was the problem cost us $300, yet the problem continues, and now I am told they THINK I need a new control board and will get back to me on the price of that. Jessie was the last Tech that looked at it and got it working by just moving a few things around, but Brett could not figure out what Jessie had moved to do it. Too bad Jessie has gone back to school, I think we all could use him now. And I fail to understand how an expert needs me to go and find the manual so they can sit and study it to try and figure out the problem. And I have to pay a fee of $94 to tell me he can't do anything for me today. So am I expected to pay this fee again for him to come back and put the part in he THINKS I need. I am sorry, nothing against Brett, he was a very nice boy, but this is getting really frustrating."
suzanne P.
jacksonville, florida
"Very thorough inspection & he knew what he was doing."
wayne F.
fort wayne, indiana
"Ben and Ross worked long to determine the problem and offered two solutions. We chose to get a new furnace. Denny and Kevin did a good job installing it."
john K.
dayton, ohio
john L.
indianapolis, indiana
james S.
huber heights, ohio
timothy F.
austin, texas
morris M.
flowood, mississippi
"Techs were unable to check the A/C due to the outside temp. They did advise that they noted that my hot water tank had a slow leak and could help with a replacement. When I asked what the cost would be to replace with a tankless unit, I was given a monthly rate. I has to repeated ask for a total cost for a replacement before I was given an answer. After the techs left, I called a plumber for a quote and was given a price well over $2000 less than the price I was quoted by Comfortech if I had had a maintenance agreement. I have since had the hot water heater replaced and the total cost was over $2000 less than what your tech quoted me."
dr glenn A.
brandon, mississippi
"Questions I had were answered. He was very helpful with understanding what I needed done at my house."
mr giunta G.
jacksonville, florida
"Your techs apparently did not properly install evap coil resulting in system failure and a second service call two days later"
sam K.
lee's summit, missouri
"Michael was very pleasant & professional"
theresa P.
austin, texas
"On time, thorough explanation, respectful, polite. 20 year customer and cant think of anyone else who can provide the guaranteed work that i have come to expect from Strand Brothers."
sandra C.
irmo, south carolina
dorothy T.
hopkins, south carolina
kenneth M.
sun city, arizona
randy S.
millcreek, utah
guy Z.
indianapolis, indiana
"The tech was very friendly and genuine in his explanation of the situation. He also provided various tips and ideas on what can be done while the walls are currently opened."
dustin K.
calgary, alberta
"Philip was very helpful and professional"
tracy p.
wellington, florida
"Alex is amazing.. he is very knowledgeable, personable, honest. He is the only person I request.. he has been servicing both 9f my properties n is an asset to your company."
chris S.
harrowsmith, ontario
roberta S.
scotia, new york
"Grant was incredibly thorough and knowledgeable."
mr hockaday H.
richmond, virginia
theresa G.
calgary, alberta
"money spent but problem not fixed due to weather"
mr pierce P.
palm beach gardens, florida
"On time, knowledgeable technician"
patricia C.
calgary, alberta
"Service was clean and done well. I appreciated info re furnace maintenance"
michael W.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Service tech was very pleasant and police. He respected our home and was careful around household items. He got right to work and completed tasks, even pointing out furnace filter would be fine to continue using until next service visit."
mary H.
basking ridge, new jersey
"Called before he came, came on time"
kari K.
arlington, texas
christine A.
clinton, maryland
"Very nice and accommodating. All around terrific experience"
gerry L.
somersworth, new hampshire
lydia H.
west columbia, south carolina
"Courteous and knowledgeable"
greg C.
clifton park, new york
todd C.
niles, michigan
"Drew was very nice. Arrived at the time he said. Came in fixed the problem very fast."
rexford C.
amsterdam, new york
"Advised me of what he was doing and condition of my equipment"
andrew R.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Service was on-time, technician was friendly."
gerald S.
goshen, indiana
"Seemed to understand my system, answered questions, and was respectful of my home"
ms gasho G.
madison, tennessee
"Very quick, efficient, professional and friendly. Provided a complete review of his actions and other products available."
rekko P.
dunbar, west virginia
"He called and was very kind and honest."
marissa P.
san antonio, texas
"Christopher E. was prompt, efficient, respectful, and competent. He patiently explained what he did, findings, and recommendations. Excellent!"
joseph P.
pflugerville, texas
"Technician Efrain was very pleasant, knowledgeable and explained everything he was doing."
desiree C.
london, ontario
"Fast professional knowledgeable"
allan B.
guelph, ontario
rita M.
jackson, mississippi
"Lucas told me it might not help to snake the toilet and it did not improve the flushing."
jeanette O.
clifton park, new york
linda W.
springfield, ohio
"Very courteous. Answered all my questions."
john K.
oakville, ontario
wadson H.
west palm, florida
"I got charge $99 for nothing the Tech came and said they can't fix it because my A/C is a international parts so I still end up paid $99 when all I wanted is for my Heater to fix. But when I check another company they came out FREE INSPECTION and they found my parts from Texas and ordered it and problem solved."
david Y.
saratoga springs, new york
mr dodson D.
raleigh, north carolina
frederick W.
hilton head island, south carolina
"Took the time to explain to me just what he did working on our HVAC system--Courteous--"
tom N.
somersworth, new hampshire
david O.
flemington, new jersey
"Technician was courteous, educated, thorough"
clare R.
ladson, south carolina
"He was excellent. Thorough, didnt complain, told me the price up front, went and got the part and called the guy to be sure they didnt close before he got there, then came back and fixed it."
mike S.
ladson, south carolina
philip E.
beavercreek, ohio
linda W.
jacksonville, florida
"Paul stated at the end of his inspection that if we had the Ultimate Protection Plan we would NOT BE CHARGED for his visit. When we stated that we did have the Ultimate Protection Plan he said it didn't appear that we did. Upon showing Paul our properly dated invoice showing coverage through 7/29/20 he then insisted the plan actually doesn't cover his visit after all and we still owed him the fee anyway payable right then. He then produced two blank documents from his truck that he didn't understand and he insisted that somehow these specifically explained why we owed money. Paul was unable to point out anything specific on these documents to justify his statements. He was just hoping that I would be dazzled by the profuse legalize and agree with his contradictory statements. Paul obviously doesn't understand the details of the plan and was too stupid to catch his own contradictory statements. After he left, we discovered he failed to turn back on the UV light in our air handler. Great. Luckily, nothing was wrong with our system. This time. The new system your company installed has had MANY ISSUES. So, now I have to pay $90 for a quick visit to inspect a known quirky system by a man that obviously has little to no understand of plan coverage and billing, brazenly contradicts himself and then leaves a crucial component of our air handler turned off. All while having already paid $258 for the Ultimate Protection Plan. Ask yourself, would you be happy or want to pay for this particular instance of service from this technician?"
ms. fuller F.
silver spring, maryland
harry butcher B.
dunwoody, georgia
"Service tech was very good, but once again the proper filter was not available to complete the PM. I advised the office when I scheduled it and they ensured me that would make sure filter would be available - it was not - second time??? Office needs to get it together. It puts Tech in tough spot."
andy J.
bloomfield, ontario
ms glaberman G.
wake forest, north carolina
"Came in and got started quickly. Didnt try and push any services but did state what was the issues."
sheryl P.
rochester, new hampshire
"The price was way over my head too high for my part time semi retired income."
jennifer S.
florence, kentucky
"Dan was very friendly and professional."
mr harowitz H.
richmond, virginia
sandra T.
west columbia, south carolina
mrs tatham T.
boca raton, florida
"Very respectful and efficient in performing all of his tasks to maintain my unit."
andy V.
niles, michigan
"Ron was very thorough and did an excellent job. Very friendly and professional. Will be requesting him for future visits."
flossie T.
columbia, south carolina
mr mccullers M.
raleigh, north carolina
paul T.
calgary, alberta
jonathon R.
hanahan, south carolina
peggy D.
oakley, california
"The technician showed up at 9:15 saturday night said he needed to order a part it is now Friday night have not heard from anyone since he left. A week with NO heat"
ted M.
granger, indiana
gladys M.
layton, utah
"Rikely was friendly and informative."
howard P.
calgary, alberta
"I had to be persistent over a period of almost four months to get furnace fixed"
lantz F.
canton, mississippi
"Very nice and professional"
ms kipps K.
richmond, virginia
"explained things well"
leon A.
elkhart, indiana
"Within 10 minutes, my problem was diagnosed."
matthew F.
loudonville, new york
ms piland P.
rowlett, texas
andrea S.
louisville, kentucky
robert O.
syracuse, new york
"Technicians arrived on time, were courteous, performed the tasks efficiently, and answered our questions."
john C.
buchanan, michigan
"Very prompt, on schedule. Explained every step he took. Methodical and efficient."
amanda M.
williamsville, new york
peter S.
dallas, texas
"He was on time, professional, courteous, and did his job completely and quickly, even going beyond to give me a new filter."
mike R.
south weber, utah
"Great customer service. Friendly and professional technicians. Did a fanatic job. Dave, Garth, Jake, and Mikey were prompt, tidy, and quality work."
kay R.
grand island, nebraska
justin O.
amsterdam, new york
"The techs were awesome. It was cold outside and did an excellent job."
jim G.
calgary, alberta
roy chang C.
ft wayne, indiana
"Did what they said they were going to do"
caroline C.
south bend, indiana
"On time, thorough, provided additional information about gas water heater exhaust pipe, and assured me everything was safe."
lynn P.
calgary, alberta
ron P.
south bend, indiana
anne T.
boynton beach, florida
"Alex is very knowledgeable and cares about doing his job well."
mrs koerner K.
palm beach gardens, florida
"Service was provided quickly. My availability was limited and Howard accommodated me with time to spare. He was a gracious man, extremely pleasant."
alexander T.
walnut creek, california
"Damone showed up well within the 2 hours window of appointment. He was very thorough, courteous, and professional. Hes truly an asset to your organization. Kudos to Damone, (and I believe Jeff?), who was the customer service rep that was with him."
ken M.
richmond, virginia
"Professional, well-trained and polite technician."
paul S.
tribes hill, new york
"Because the problem got fixed in a timely fashion"
george P.
marietta, georgia
carole K.
jamesville, new york
"He was efficient, knowledgeable, friendly,...explained all questions we asked."
rod C.
tuttle, oklahoma
"Cody did an excellent job and the s very professional. But the tank has had issues getting to temperature. Do you have been out twice and will be back out tomorrow,"
joanne K.
columbia, south carolina
"He is very thorough, knowledgeable, and courteous. We would like him for all future visits."
matt P.
leawood, kansas
"They provided a concise assessment of the issue and provided a solution for the problem."
naydenan P.
south bend, indiana
"It was done completely. I was informed when it was finished."
lennette W.
forestville, maryland
"Tech was on time, professional, and knowledge was on point"
don W.
mississauga, ontario
"On time done on a timely manner"
kate D.
new castle, virginia
"The guys were on time, courteous, understanding and willing to explain things to me."
charlotte L.
london, ontario
"Very helpful"
mrs wick W.
west palm beach, florida
"Tech. Very efficient &personable"
paul M.
naples, florida
"Knowledgeable serviceman, timely and efficient"
johnnie S.
pierre, south dakota
mrs waxman W.
deerfield beach, florida
"The typed technician was thorough and professional."
simon S.
edmonton, alberta
"He was friendly and efficient in installing our humidifier."
cynthia L.
troy, new york
"Diego was pleasant, knowledgeable, and answered any questions I had."
mr gregor G.
fripp island, south carolina
"everyone I spoke to was very helpful in resolving my problem of no heat. The 2 gals I spoke to in the call center understood my problem and were very helpful. Andy, the technician who fixed the issue, was very friendly in explaining the issue and resolving it at a late hour in the night."
jo turner T.
hoover, alabama
"All representatives very professional, prompt and skilled"
ed Y.
edmonton, alberta
"Service was prompt and friendly. Furnace was replaced with no mess left behind. We chose a basic unit and there was no pressure to buy something fancier."
lynn H.
ft wayne, indiana
mr lamonica L.
oakland park, florida
"Very professional and explained things so I could understand what he was doing"
lance koy K.
dallas, texas
glen W.
calgary, alberta
"Technician was on time, competent, polite and helpful."
kristine H.
arvada, colorado
"There was a bit of confusion with my initial call - but once that was clarified - I received a callback - and a technician was dispatched."
carly B.
dallas, texas
"Seemed to take a very long time and wasnt able to provide very many answers"
joyce M.
kitchener, ontario
"Chris was very efficient cleaning my boiler and he answered all of my questions. I was very impressed with him and his professional attitude."
steve T.
birmingham, alabama
"tech was on-time, knowledgeable and worked very efficiently."
kay N.
elkhart, indiana
"Efficient, friendly service."
john delisle D.
longmont, colorado
"Timothy has been here before and we're always happy to see him. He is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable."
linda L.
burleson, texas
"Jason was very careful about tracking in mud. But more importantly he clearly explained every issue with out AC system and offered to do as much of the repairs as possible in today's visit, so as not to inconvenience us with multiple tech appointments. He was thorough, professional and friendly."
jim M.
west jordan, utah
"After doing some research, I feel we were overcharged for the capacitor. We were charged $140 and The same value capacitor is available for around $20 online. Feeling taken advantage of."
craig L.
ft wayne, indiana
sharon T.
lexington, south carolina
"Both service tech & sales rep were professional, explained my choices and took time to answer questions."
don H.
anderson, indiana
carol J.
delmar, new york
"Technicians did an excellent job. Answered all my questions and showed me how everything works. Cleaned up job area and left house spotless."
robert K.
scotia, new york
"service was quick and efficeint. your sales rep sold me a service agreement, explaining all pertaining parts to me."
harrison M.
lexington, south carolina
"The tech was very polite and efficient and made sure I had no questions or concerns"
dan C.
calgary, alberta
diane W.
norman, oklahoma
"Friendly, polite plumber and he did a good job."
al D.
huntington, west virginia
"Adam explained what he was doing and now I could better appreciate why I have maintenance coverage."
john B.
hiltonhead isl, south carolina
"very professional and explanatory."
dennis M.
jacksonville, florida
"Terry was very personable and professional."
mr pfeifer P.
west columbia, south carolina
"Technician was professional and courteous."
keith T.
vinton, virginia
francis B.
farmington, new hampshire
"We have always had good service even when emergency. Ted Tremblay has serviced our furnace 2x and has always been efficient, friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend him!"
david B.
beaufort, south carolina
"Gordon arrived on time. Diagnosed problem almost immediately and had our unit up and running within minutes."
charles W.
farmington, new hampshire
"he was here in less than an hour after we called and fix everything quickly."
lesa B.
dover, new hampshire
mary R.
ft wayne, indiana
"Although I approved the expensive solution to solve the problems with my system, I think they could have been prevented if the semi-annual maintenance on Dec, 3, 2019 was done correctly."
maria N.
slingerlands, new york
"Clint was very good and clearly told us what he was there to repair"
debra D.
lugoff, south carolina
"Zac was very helpful in providing information."
dave L.
winnipeg, manitoba
"The work was done as scheduled. It was thorough and I appreciate the interaction with Marc, his explanations and expertise. And Donna's attention to my contracts is always up-to-date and clear."
barbara S.
west deptford, new jersey
ann D.
austin, texas
"The technician was very professional, competent, explained everything, thoughtful and over all the best experience I have had. Very pleased"
ted M.
angier , north carolina
jay S.
rochester, new hampshire
susan P.
louisville, kentucky
"He was quick and efficient and helped me with filter recommendations"
paul B.
wolfeboro, new hampshire
"Loren arrived when he said he would and analyzed the situation and fixed the problem in a timely manner. And, was extremely pleasant and informative. Can't ask for anything more than that."
mary lou S.
latham, new york
"Technician was knowledgeable"
roger B.
silver springs, florida
"Very informative and through."
ms eleanor B.
raleigh, north carolina
"Excellent service and care in explaining current situation and plan for going forward."
dan W.
cincinnati, ohio
"Contact with, and workmanship of, technician was professional, informative and efficient. Same technician performed both a scheduled "plumbing Inspection", and a "followup repair" of an item discovered by the inspection."
rob S.
inverary, ontario
"Went over and above on everything he did and was very thorough and informative."
ms farine F.
kensington, maryland
"He checked the unit, provided some feedback and was very polite."
joyce S.
west palm beach, florida
angela C.
sachse, texas
"I was insulted by his sales technique. He began pricing at one high point and then decreased it to almost 2000 less. This is insulting, and I hate this type of sales tactic. He also inquired my credit and did not tell me details of hard or soft inquiry or anything. He did it after I told him that my credit would probably not be veryhigh. This will affect my score now, and will be even more difficult to recover from because of him. The technician, joe, was extremely helpful and nice. He was courteous as well. The salesman Fabian was the problem."
reta B.
lakewood, colorado
"Tech was competent"
debbie G.
east st paul, manitoba
"The technician arrived on time and provided excellent service."
steven W.
layton, utah
mary W.
richmond, virginia
"I was not satisfied because the unit was not running when the tech arrived and he pressed the reset button and gave recommendations and left. There was no troubleshooting to see why the system stop running. The next day the system stop running again. I was told the tech on call was in Glen Allen. I got a phone call from the tech telling me that they were just out yesterday and it was nothing he could do until they do the maintenance and he couldnt come out and do it.( So my mom have no heat) The system was never taking down by the tech to see if the igniter was working properly. None of the troubleshooting that Im use to was provided. Im just very disappointed because I injured my knee and couldnt be at the service appt. Its not a time Ive called and the tech dont tell me WHY its shutting off. Thats been the case when the oil was low, when the line was frozen, and when the igniter needed to be replace. The system needing cleaning is not why it shut off in the midst of running. Im highly disappointed because I felt I could always depend on this company business. I hen I called to explain my frustration no one understood. Never had a tech that came out and pressed reset button and left."
phil L.
durham, new hampshire
"Dustin was incredibly pleasant, knowledgeable, and fast! I was delighted with him. He's welcome back any time !!"
herbert F.
miami beach, florida
regina B.
dallas, texas
"Mark was very thoughtful when giving me the quote and your installers were timely and efficient."
mr echols E.
durham, north carolina
keisha A.
decatur, georgia
"1. Cold air is blowing out of the vendor in the kitchen area that was previous blowing warm air 2. Cable box in one of the room is not working. I believe that wire was disconnect when the duct near that room was removed. Have not had the time to call"
annie C.
cape coral, florida
"A paper was to be returned to me with my personal info and it was not."
andrea H.
brentwood, california
"Technician was outstanding but I had to call multiple times and still don't have a receipt"
fraser H.
calgary, alberta
"The service expert went right to the problem and was able to tighten the valve adjustment on the top of the valve.A soap and water solution showed a complete seal."
james D.
alabaster, alabama
"Erin had that can do attitude about a tough job."
anne W.
austin, texas
"Nice young man, polite, professional. He flushed the hot water heater in the attic very quickly, showed the bits of calcium starting to build up in it. And asked if there was anything else that needed his attention."
william L.
roanoke, virginia
nick S.
overland park, kansas
"Chris Gebhart in Overland Park provided top notch service. He came out to the house twice in one day to get to the bottom of a tricky fix. Was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the whole process. I really felt that he had our best interests in mind! Will definitely continue to use Neal Harris for our HVAC needs in the future."
vance H.
mobile, alabama
william B.
indianapolis, indiana
jaimie W.
summerville, south carolina
"The part was installed sooner than we were quoted. The tech was polite and found the issue right away."
tonja G.
arlington, texas
sharon W.
daphne, alabama
"Justin is always great to work with and very helpful answering any questions."
robert P.
east greenbush, new york
mrs vida P.
west palm beach, florida
"Alex was thorough. Careful. Spoke with my contractor about poor installation of package unit on my roof that was causing leaks inside my house."
sean B.
frisco, texas
scott M.
jacksonville, florida
"They finished when they said they would and they clean up after themselves"
sharleen D.
lexington, south carolina
ms karen M.
nashville, tennessee
"Very professional and kind"
barbara C.
columbia, south carolina
"Ronald went out of his way to inform of us what was exactly the problem with our unit."
claus M.
hilton head island, south carolina
alan R.
springfield, ohio
"Great quick service. Came on same day called"
david H.
decatur, georgia
"Mike was on time, professional, and seemed to address the issue at hand. I say seemed because this is the sixth time Service Experts has been to my home to fix the problem."
alaknanda B.
burlington, ontario
"Dry knowledgeable as also understanding of the proper requirement of the issue at hand"
michael S.
dunwoody, georgia
"Tulasi appeared to be very competent and went about his business while explaiing what he was doing."
mr mccleneghen M.
cary, north carolina
"Tech came and preformed the maintenance on my unit, but failed to replaced both the filter and UV light. Both are to be replaced annually so now I had to schedule and additional visit to get this done. He never ask my son if I wanted it done. Seems pointless to do service visit if major elements to system aren't replaced when they are suppose to be."
aj K.
fayetteville, new york
"It was the best presentation and the most detailed."
sarah M.
east bank, west virginia
shelley N.
hillsborough, new jersey
"Filter needed for furnace not on truck....why not? Isn't that part of the service. A second call was needed after I called the office to request the filter be replaced."
mr ridenour R.
columbia, south carolina
diane D.
westwood, kansas
"came on time, cleaned up after himself"
jann S.
east greenbush, new york
"He was on time and inspected the system. All is good."
sandra F.
waterford, new york
"first called for an appointment at 9am with a girl Amy, was told early afternoon, had to call back at 1 :30 pm spoke again to Amy . was told the tech was on his way from Argyle . At 5:30 pm still no tech, called back spoke to a Meagan who claimed you had no phone number for me and that I was not on any service list, which is bull I had Amy verify the number at 9 am and again when i spoke to her at 1:30pm."
robert V.
fleming island, florida
"Tech discovered wrong parts were sent"
sharon C.
burlington, ontario
"Service call is always explained. We have seen Helge often throughout the years and he is always very efficient and friendly."
david G.
south euclid, ohio
"IAN, actually showed me how to maintain my new furnace and walk me thru how to replace aprilair filter. when furnace was installed, this was not told to me.... IAN was GREAT"
ms perry P.
durham, north carolina
bernard R.
palm beach gardens, florida
mr marin M.
fort lauderdale, florida
"Got appointment on same day. Technician arrived early. He went to get a part and returned right away. He got the job done quickly and was helpful in explaining things. Reasonable cost."
susan F.
amherst island, ontario
"Because Terry came and spent over an hour thoroughly responding to the issue with our gas fireplace, and then checking all the other work that had been done recently, finding some problems and solving them as well. We are overjoyed at the results."
penny A.
north hampton, new hampshire
"excellent prompt professional service"
linda H.
auburn, indiana
"Kept me informed."
robyn G.
london, ontario
"Thorough inspection and provided detailed information and recommendations"
mishan J.
buda, texas
brock F.
london, ontario
rena L.
edmonton, alberta
"I don't like pushy sales people or intrusive workers. They were very efficient and very polite."
mr sadowski S.
palm beach gardens, florida
shirley H.
london, ontario
"Lady was exceptional"
teresa R.
coloma, michigan
"He explained everything that he would need everything that needed to be done, how long it would take, look less time to do it, was very professional at the same time and thankful that he was so professional."
donald B.
antioch, tennessee
"Fixed problem right away"
melvin F.
syracuse, new york
donald O.
edmonton, alberta
"Your employee found the cause of the frozen hot water line."
donna F.
kansas city, missouri
"This appointment was canceled and quoted over phone"
david F.
raleigh, north carolina
"I was incredibly impressed with our technicians knowledge, professionalism and honesty. These types of transactions are usually benign, but this was one of the best experiences Ive had during a service call."
mark R.
st joseph, michigan
mr gilbert G.
ft wayne, indiana
"There has never been a service problem since we bought the furnace/ac"
ana B.
n miami, florida
"Humberto was punctual, very efficient and clearly explained everything"
salman M.
apex, north carolina
deborah O.
plano, texas
"On time, tech was courteous and helpful"
kurt & beth S.
martinez, california
"Our technician was on time, friendly, took time to fully inspect our furnace, and gave a full report of what hed found & with recommendations regarding our 17 yr old unit."
robert F.
rockledge, florida
"Excellent Sevice and professionalism"
ms brannon B.
irmo, south carolina
ronald J.
naperville, illinois
"A part was needing to be replaced and was under warranty. We weren't notified the labor to install the part would not be covered because we were two month out of the 1 year labor coverage. The labor cost was $79 for 5 minutes to replace the part. I was able to order the part for $59 and save $20. When we offered to pay the same amount for the labor that we could buy the part for we were told no. Not unhappy but not happy either, was caught off guard thinking we were being taken care of for a system that is just over 1 year old."
ms carter C.
woodbury, new jersey
terry S.
san antonio, texas
"Chris was very thorough, efficient and friendly and on time."
kristina S.
winter garden, florida
"Very knowledgable and explained things I can do to optimize my system"
ron S.
oklahoma city, oklahoma
"I rated 10 because of the great service and efficiency. Will cleared out my clogged sink and put in a new disposal for me. Im happy."
diane T.
oakville, ontario
"Tech was very professional."
mr droze D.
summerville, south carolina
"Technican was on time and very nice . Technican very knowledgeable. Technican took pictures of my system and explaned it to me."
mr higgs H.
nashville, tennessee
"The repairman showed up on time, checked out the unit, and then explained what the problem was. He repaired the unit so that it would work until the part needed to permanently fix the problem could be ordered and installed"
albert S.
birminmgham, alabama
"Friendly, knowledgeable, explained well, listened. I felt very comfortable with them and their work."
john N.
clifton park, new york
"Professional, answered all questions"
sybil P.
quinton, virginia
"The technician seemed thorough and professional"
owen B.
georgetown, texas
"He came on time. Performed a 6-month service on my HVAC unit. Was completed in less than an hour."
peter L.
oakville, ontario
"friendly, knowledgable"
jack K.
lenexa, kansas
"The tech. Was very professional and explained what and why he was doing what he did."
dr changlai C.
manlius, new york
jon T.
delmar, new york
"Can do attitude"
mary R.
glen ellyn, illinois
daniel C.
lancaster, new york
"Lindian and his associate were on time, friendly, pleasant, and very knowledgeable."
carol K.
burlington, ontario
"Efficient, hard-working and through."
tom D.
germantown, maryland
"Promptness of service. They were scheduled to be at my house between 8 and 10 am and they were there at 8 am sharp! Two nice and courteous young men"
margaret F.
berlin, new jersey
"He was very detailed and explained everything he was reviewing"
mrs jaret J.
gaitherburg, maryland
anthony P.
albany, new york
"was very pleasant and knowledgeable. So far so good my furnace is still going. Price wasn't too bad for late night service."
sandra C.
irmo, south carolina
kyle K.
florence, kentucky
"Chase Atkins my tech was very pleasant and explained everything regarding the plumbing issue I had"
kathleen I.
lasalle, ontario
"The installers came in very professional."
dawn W.
kitchener, ontario
"All good"
mark S.
south bend, indiana
"On time very knowledgeable"
ms maxwell M.
champaign, illinois
"They were prompt, professional, and gave great thoughts on how to make my equipment run more smoothly."
mr. sedita S.
marietta, georgia
kay W.
ft wayne, indiana
"Respectful, efficient,"
deena K.
boise, idaho
"Bryce always provides thorough, professional service."
lindie C.
mustang, oklahoma
"Damien was extremely helpful and informed on each product. Not pushy at all but made sure I knew what I would or could be getting and scheduled my installation for the next day. I couldnt have been happier!"
david G.
harrow, ontario
"Matt was very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. He also provided information I may not have been aware I needed to know."
paul L.
oakvile, ontario
"The service was timely. The technician, Cory Greenlaw, could not have done a better job. He diagnosed the issue quickly. He explained the problem in easily understandable terms and made important furnace and hot water on demand system recommendations. Abbey could not have a better representative of the company than Cory. He was respectful, bright, and easy to deal with. I could not have been more impressed. ????"
ms kingery K.
salem, virginia
mr knight K.
louisville, tennessee
"He is a nice guy and very professional. Went our of his way to repair a previously poorly installed drain."
christine C.
roselle, illinois
"Zach was thorough and helpful"
charles T.
austin, texas
"work was good but to expensive"
barbara C.
orlando, florida
"Because he seemed very knowledgeabale"
elizabeth V.
clifton park, new york
drucila T.
springfield, ohio
"Because, I feel he was honest, and that goes along way with me."
bill M.
calgary, alberta
"quick, friendly, detailed experienced technician."
mrs gliszczynski G.
south bend, indiana
"When the tech got here it was running normal so he really didn't do anything."
erick O.
wake forest, north carolina
"The tech that came over was super! Explained every in a very clear no pressure manner, made me feel trustful of his work and assessment."
jean M.
walnut creek, california
"The service person was very quick and efficient and clearly explained what he found and what was recommended (a surge protector which we declined as we are selling the house before long)."
ms ross R.
nashville, tennessee
"I understand that it was late at night when I discovered the heat pump had quit but on the coldest day of the year so far I would have appreciated trying to get a technician in earlier than an 8-10am window since I was informed later that as an advantage customer I had access to 24 hour service. It was already in the mid-50s when I woke that next morning."
john N.
ft wayne, indiana
tracey C.
guelph, ontario
"Very professional, thorough, patient and kind"
mrs glassford G.
granger, indiana
clark H.
schenectady, new york
"Very professional, competent and easy to talk to"
aaron C.
fort myers beach, florida
"Excellent service"
james N.
clifton park, new york
"Knowledgeable and very nice"
janice W.
jacksonville, florida
"Reliable service, professional, and knowledgeable."
mike R.
minoa, new york
pat P.
spicewood, texas
"The quick service call - less than an hour tech was at my house. The quick, clean job."
janice V.
newberry, south carolina
michael C.
syracuse, new york
"Timely service, polite and courteous technician."
chau-kuang C.
hermitage, tennessee
"Excellent service"
mr itriago I.
weston, florida
ronald L.
richmond, virginia
ardeen hunt H.
deltona, florida
laura M.
roanoke, virginia
"Very nice technician"
gail H.
alpharetta, georgia
"Issac was professional , effecient, and friendly."
kimm V.
glens falls, new york
"On time,friendly, knowledgeable,getting the job done."
bill M.
northbrook, illinois
"He fixed clog in the humidifier. I am puzzeled why I had a clog the old Aprilaire was 30 years old and never has this problem..."
ursula M.
rocky view county, alberta
"George was fantastic and answered all my questions"
revonia B.
atlanta, georgia
"The technician forgot about telling us we cut the heat back down after he put the thermostat to 84. I had to ask him was he finished and could I cut it back down. He had never been here before and seemed somewhat lost. Asking if the unit was under the house ??"
mrs coleman C.
jackson, mississippi
"He fixed problem and he was nice. I have sold my house so I will not be living her after next Friday. Therefore after 46 years I am living in Alabama"
kent K.
dayton, ohio
"The technician was great and you were able to get out here in a hurry!"
kathy C.
slingerlands, new york
"John was very polite and respectful, smiled and great demeanor."
michael G.
glenmont, new york
"Technicians were helpful and professional"
alice R.
durham, new hampshire
"The technician was very thorough and proactive (cleaned the glass) and explained various details of the furnace to me."
bill S.
boise, idaho
"Service man was professional and knowledgeable."
ms stutsman S.
salem, virginia
"Chris did an excellent job of telling me what he was checking for."
patricia M.
decatur, georgia
"Came on time, did quality work, cleaned up, all very friendly and professional."
tom H.
richmond, virginia
"Worked performed well. Arrived on time, and finished in short time. Answered all my questions clearly."
paul R.
north brunswick, new jersey
"The fix !"
ms. cremeans C.
ona, west virginia
"On time friendly professional"
ruth B.
st.catharines, ontario
burt W.
ogden, utah
"Very competent and professional in all of the activities while checking the performance of the system."
ralph R.
charlotte, north carolina
"Curtis was on time, efficient, explained his findings (fortunately nothing detrimental), and courteous."
denis and barb F.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Jose was very pleasant and efficient."
w achenbach A.
naples, florida
jill S.
calgary, alberta
"I found Phil and his work partner very friendly. I really appreciated how Phil explained exactly what work was done and most importantly, how to work our new water tank. Excellent customer service!"
wayne B.
calgary, alberta
"Nice to see a tradesman that is able to use copper and make solder joints. Clean and solid tech from the old school that works steady and not rushes like some of the other trades I have in the past so they are able to move on to the next job. Will keep using Chesney as long as they meet or exceed my needs."
don M.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Very satisfied"
dee M.
shawnee, kansas
"Very thorough and explained the problem and solution to us very well. Did a great job!!"
irene E.
oakville, ontario
ms satchellrosella S.
columbia, south carolina
"On time and professional"
rodney S.
stone mountain, georgia
"Service very good. Took time to check out all on system"
mark M.
kansas city, missouri
gary S.
branchburg, new jersey